12:46-- RKKA: #
Standard registration is currently being activated by the administrator within 24 hours.
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20:30-- Guest_4485: The gmk player uses wh. please ban him. he even shoots walls. it does not hide that it uses wh.
Player stats ID: 990 Database ID: @61 he change name non stop!!!
9:50-- RKKA: #
ID:@61 from Hungary - info received, IP range banned. If you made a video it would be better.
14:54-- Guest_2596: server not online
15:15-- Guest_7631: Why ar not available
16:12-- Guest_6461: Where are the players
11:00-- RKKA: #
possible interruptions in the work of the server due to testing the update of the mod's functions
13:42-- Guest_4805: A02


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