11:46-- Poseur: Stuck at Awaiting cd key authorization. Help
1:06-- РККА: turn off cheats
16:10-- Animatrix: Lol
16:10-- Animatrix: Pkka do you know Python?
9:10-- Green.Velvet: Hello PKKA ? Happy New Year’s to ya! HNY to everyone! :-D
3:53-- луганист: ухххххииии
3:54-- луганист: эхххиииии
3:54-- луганист: Юлиииишшшшнааааааа...
22:58-- луганист:
4:25-- РККА: Happy New Year! A09
22:53-- MLKING465: привет нигеры) рад вернуться)) как вы тут?)
7:01-- РККА: как как... - чем дальше в лес, тем толще партизаны A36
22:31-- MLKING465: не ссать в компот)) все бабы наши)))
1:04-- РККА: A46
17:16-- PUSKASHUN: hey
17:17-- PUSKASHUN: thrown out of the server, that’s what happened
17:17-- PUSKASHUN: killing, restarting
17:18-- PUSKASHUN: and my: why restart,

Killing: the balance was not good
17:18-- PUSKASHUN: my: ok l'm no, full game mod german
17:18-- PUSKASHUN: and 10-min latter kick
17:18-- PUSKASHUN: why ?
17:20-- PUSKASHUN: my tabelea 2. pozicion, 19/8 rattink... maybe he was tired of me always killing him
19:48-- РККА: Hi, whats your gamename?
16:11-- Don-Rochen-facebook: Dear haters and sympathizers. To avoid unreasonable whining about my cheats, I recently began to broadcast online with a record on twitch. At the same time, I am not just recording a demo, I am recording my monitor screen, point the webcam at it. Those in the broadcast you will see the same thing that I see excatly.
Please follow the link, do not be shy. From the last, about "my cheats"
1:28:40 to the end.
16:12-- Don-Rochen-facebook: It was DeutschDrahthaar

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