3:23-- ШвинЪ_7051: sueta suet)
9:04-- xelador: would like to request this on the server - *ССЫЛКА-ПИЩАЛКА*
all weapons available for both teams. good idea or no? I like it personally
14:36-- Fox: The thing is admins were willing to make the server without any client mods on it
18:25-- xelador: ah ok, so this isn't possible to mod server side?
18:27-- Admin: hi!
18:31-- Admin: mod as you want will not work on the server side only
17:36-- >:(: Андрюх, большая и единственная просьба к тебе, дай бан нс месяца три этому уебану GOLGOPHA (CZ) ну реально это самый енутый игрок на сервере. Не рот а помойка. Пусть несколько месяцев погуляет. Заебало уже это. Всех хуями кроет.
7:45-- xelador: yet another wallhacker. recorded demo - *ССЫЛКА-ПИЩАЛКА*
FrontZet 20. On server 7:30 UTC
7:56-- xelador: What would it take for me to have access to kick or temp ban priveledges? I'm on the server regularly and I'm good enough to spot a hacker vs. real skill. I used to be an admin for {FP} Free Porn a few years ago so it's something I have experience with.
6:29-- Admin: (CZ)DOLGOPA, FrontZet 20 (b3 id 61) - banned. Thanks, xelador. Now there are enough admins on the server (2). In the future we may use your help.
6:32-- xelador: Alright, np.
12:15-- xelador: could you add console message for 20 and 30 kills?
20 - Killing Machine
30 - God-Like
just some suggestions
15:31-- ШвинЪ_3998: Humilation! M-m-m-m-m-monster killllll !! Unstoppable......
6:26-- xelador: I remember those voice commands, from awe mod?
I like 'Unstoppable' for 20 kills.
15:45-- xelador: Some intermittent lagg on the server all through today, everyone high ping spikes with 'connection interruption'


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