5:04-- РККА: deleted
7:41-- Animatrix: A05
14:40-- Skinny: *Link*
14:40-- Skinny: youtube.com/watch?v=UHQoFSYYWLs
17:30-- Animatrix: Its Tito???
21:22-- РККА: yes maybe its him, but now he not use this nick man A42
11:31-- Skinny: Yes, it's this motherfucker but hiding his wh better now
13:40-- Animatrix: Skinny do u remember one guy name cokibh in LMT server???
13:40-- Animatrix: i though this is the same guy
22:00-- Skinny: I remember but it's not him.
22:00-- Skinny: *Link*
22:00-- Skinny: omg u even recorded this idiot before
4:47-- РККА: Ello, nuPz! Tito’s profile Id 44 does not include name "BH Player". *Link*
I also checked the old sql-database. All previously used nicknames and ip addresses are recorded. It is impossible to assert with certainty that it is he.
This name is found in Id 11 (GUID 101474, last name "wael"), Id 26 (GUID 102598, last name "FreikorpsDanemark Jeppe") and Id 11180 (GUID 302649, last name "**DUCADO**TRASGU")
In the first two cases, players were banned several times for using cheats. This is cheating GUIDs.
Player statistics are directly tied to his GUID. In the case of a Tito, this is Id 44 and GUID 625442
Remember that the name "BH Player", "Tito", "Animatrix" or "Skinno-n00b-zatknyj-morda-kurwo-puto-toma" can take any other player and play with it. Need to check player’s key-GUID.
4:53-- РККА: *Link*
13:58-- Animatrix: PKKA wht is B3 bans
13:58-- Animatrix: A13
14:00-- Animatrix: wht is happening
14:02-- Animatrix: Animatrix..!! 5163 TempBan Mon, 29/06/20 (12:24) 6 hours Mon, 29/06/20 (18:24) Using Cheats
14:02-- Animatrix: ?????????????
6:54-- РККА: I will tell you a secret friend, its TempBan A01
14:25-- Animatrix: LOL
18:32-- Skinny: hmmmmm?
$k1nny 5563 TempBan Thu, 09/07/20 (21:32) 6 hours Fri, 10/07/20 (03:32) Using Cheats

Being better doesn't mean I cheat XD
2:05-- Supercharger: On this server is the best Admin only. Something you are most worried about your ban. Other players are not particularly worried about a temporary ban. Aren't you a star boy? Please note that the use of cheats is not always just BX, there are many different tricks. Therefore, any suspicious game will be regarded as the use of cheats.
7:28-- РККА: im not ban u Skinn0nuP A07 (kurwa somknyi morda!) A23

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