21:18-- РККА: Why it is not necessary to open the 2nd bunker: in BAS.gsc file, BaseAssault_KillBase() function
Here we search for all objects on the map that are tied to the destroyed bunker:
self.attachedThings = getentarray(self.target, "targetname");
for (q=0;q<self.attachedThings.size;q++)
// bla bla bla...
// now we get an enumeration of all found objects for subsequent deletion, which were attached to the destroyed bunker:
if((thing.classname == "script_model") || (thing.classname == "script_brushmodel") || (thing.classname == "script_origin") ||
// here is American, German teams respawns near or inside destroyed bunker
(thing.classname == "mp_gmi_bas_allies_spawn") || (thing.classname == "mp_gmi_bas_axis_spawn"))
// hiding found objects
thing hide();
if(thing.classname == "script_brushmodel")
thing notsolid();
// delete found objects
thing delete();
21:20-- РККА: by destroying the bunker, you thereby destroy all objects as connected to them on the map A38
8:59-- Animatrix: OMG....PKKA you are great
9:00-- Animatrix: Is this python script?
4:07-- РККА: no xd its one of the base assault gametype function responsible for erasing the destroyed base from the map as an object and all dependencies. written in c ++ and located in your gamepath CallofDuty/uo/pakuo01.pk3/maps/mp/gametypes/bas.gsc A46
9:28-- Animatrix: i_C
11:46-- Poseur: Stuck at Awaiting cd key authorization. Help
1:06-- РККА: turn off cheats
16:10-- Animatrix: Lol
16:10-- Animatrix: Pkka do you know Python?
9:10-- Green.Velvet: Hello PKKA ? Happy New Year’s to ya! HNY to everyone! :-D
3:53-- луганист: ухххххииии
3:54-- луганист: эхххиииии
3:54-- луганист: Юлиииишшшшнааааааа...
22:58-- луганист:
4:25-- РККА: Happy New Year! A09
22:53-- MLKING465: привет нигеры) рад вернуться)) как вы тут?)
7:01-- РККА: как как... - чем дальше в лес, тем толще партизаны A36
22:31-- MLKING465: не ссать в компот)) все бабы наши)))

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