14:16-- PUSKASHUN: I want to ask for help in the game does not appear when you switch weapons
14:16-- PUSKASHUN: And my map also disappeared at the bottom left
15:52-- PUSKASHUN: I reinstalled, Why not download The tracks?
16:03-- PUSKASHUN: *Link*
16:04-- PUSKASHUN: Why not download?
17:51-- РККА: cvar "cl_allowDownload" must be set to "1" (position ON) in your uoconfig_mp.cfg. Its automatically setted when u join to server stock/standart maps like mp_carentan, mp_dawnville, mp_harbor itc
17:56-- РККА: if the compass, crosshair, weapons and other elements on the screen are not displayed you must set cvar "cg_drawStatus" to "1" in your uo/uoconfig_mp.cfg. That's all
11:57-- PUSKASHUN: Thank you pikachu
11:58-- PUSKASHUN: How come you don't play?
11:58-- PUSKASHUN: I saw you a long time ago
20:53-- ]v[onst3R: Hi, Player named . caught using wh, link for demo
20:54-- ]v[onst3R: *Link*
6:35-- РККА: ok man i will check. Thanks


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